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I'm trying to understand how training works in FM 19.

Particularly, the division into 3 different groups (S1, S2, S3) for goalkeepers, defenders, offensive players.

Now reading the manual online I understand that S1 corresponds to attack, S2 to defense, S3 to goalkeepers .

But watching the game relative screen I understand the contrary, i.e. S1 for GK, S3 for Attacking ( and this solution sounds me also more logic)

Could anybody help to clarify once forever this doubt? Thanks.

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I am not sure maybe there are groups that you have to chose defenders, midfields and strikers I am not at home now so I can't check but if you choose training there is like 60% of training goes to players that are set to attack, 20% to players that are defending and 20% for keepers etc... so basically if you want to have all you will have to rotate trainings once 60% for attackers one sessions for defenders etc

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