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Preseason training

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Hello guys,

What are the real targets of pre-season training?

Based on a lot of guides it seems that one of the "must" in pre-season is to have a strong physical training. Well this is surely true in real life, when players come back from holiday, and human body needs physical training to recover fitness, also evaluating bad shape in the first weeks/month.....but the game is not real life. In real life an adequate physical preparation in summer permits to maintain fitness for a lot of months, in the game the attributes will drop if not trained.....

So, I'm start to think if don't do strong physical sessions in pre-season, but spreading the physical training across all the months, including some specific tactical or technical training from the beginning could give better results. My doubt is: thinking at this game (and not real life simulation) what should be the advantage of a strong physical session in the early pre-season?



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