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FM19 Crowd Chants


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27 minutes ago, SpiderJu said:

Hi  !


i want to create a big File, so every Team, have there own Fanchants ingame (Match Engine) hearing.

it is possible?

Thanks for Support and Helping Hands !


Yes it is possible.

Follow the steps described here (it works for getting commentary and/or custom sounds in the game to work):





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3 hours ago, SpiderJu said:

i am looking for a Chants File, so that many Teams have some Chants
= in FM19
so, anybody here, who know, how can i include Fan Crowd Chants into FM19?

As stated above you can do so using the guidance here https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/41289/football-manager-2018-audio-commentary

Are you wanting to create a file or are you looking for one to download? Your posts are not very clear.

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i want to help, and to be a Part of some Big Creation Team,

to create a Megapatch, like Sound Megapatch

This Megapatch is a File, that include for many Teams Fanchants.
for example, for all Teams fro Premier League, 1. Bundesliga, Seria A  ...
and so..

example: Norwich with maybe 10 Chants...Liverpool with 10 Chants...
and when you have a Game - and you look this, you can hear amazing good quality Fan Chants

= so, you feel Atmosphere and the Motivation is very High

so my Request here is, to find a way, and to find People, wo are interesting in this,
maybe, because they have amazing Fanchants on the PC,
and to find People, who knows about the Steps, to include this Files, and this Files are working
That is my Plan...

is this Introduction enough?

Greetings from Germany !

edit: https://www.fanchants.com/de/

have many Chants - all in .mp3
so, first Step, to convert them to .wav
But i dont know, the right .wav Options, that are Priority, to work in fm19

all is to include in simatchviewer.fmf with Resource Archiver

other Step is, to change the match_sounds.cfg

and maybe, i dont know, to change the match_events.xml

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