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I haven't tried to replicate Dyche's tactics so far, but I do like that style of football. From what I've seen watching Burnley's games, I would set the basic tactic in more or less this fashion:

cautious mentality, more direct passing, higher tempo, pass into space, float crosses, counter, lower DL and LOE, less urgent pressing, tighter marking (and maybe get stuck in). A couple more instructions could be added on occasion, depending on what's going on on the pitch in a particular match.

Not sure on role and duties, as I haven't payed too much attention to details of their play, but definitely would avoid anything "fancy" in that respect. Maybe something like this:

TMa     PFs/d


Ws     BWMd     BBM     WMa


WBd      CDd     NCDd     FBs


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Think youd be looking along the lines of mee and tarkowski centre backs who take few risks and play no nonsense, full backs not totally sure but need to offer you balance.

Lennon and Brady could play as out and out wingers supplying quick balls into the forwards. 

Id probably look at wood as a target man on attack with barnes as a pressing forward on support or even defend to try and give you time to "get out" when the ball is played forwards and to offer defensive support to your 2 banks of 4.

Central midfield im not too sure. Id probably use two central midfielders one to sit and one to be slightly more adventurous going forwards but mostly only in safe situations. Def not mezzala or anything like that id probably just go CM (D) and CM (S) With PIs if needed.


Team instructions id say low block, not overly aggressive pressing to retain the shape. In possession id probably only use play for set pieces and POSSIBLY be more disciplined but id definitely look to maximise set piece effectiveness.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention "hit early crosses", which IMO is absolutely a "must" in Dyche's tactics :D

56 minutes ago, FMunderachiever said:

In possession id probably only use play for set pieces and POSSIBLY be more disciplined but id definitely look to maximise set piece effectiveness.

Agreed on set pieces :thup:

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Until the West Ham game, Burnley this season were unrecognizable in terms of tactics and performance, compared to last season. I'm happy to see them back playing decent football. Up until 2 weeks ago they were unwatchable, just smashing it forward hopefully.

Looking at some of the roles in a the properly functioning version of Burnley, in isolation

- They frequently play through the thirds, it's not all long ball - standard or more direct passing

- The defensive line is high against medium or weaker teams, sometimes much lower against the stronger teams. They do press sometimes, but the emphasis is shape.  

- Cork normally plays as a BBM, but sometimes sits as either a DM-S or CM-D

- For me, Tarkowski's diagonal passing makes him a BPD, he also doesn't press as much as Mee, so possibly a BPD-C with Mee as an LD. 

- Westwood could be either a DLP, or if you ar trying to stay away from specialist roles, which would be appropriate for a team like Burnley, DM-S or CM-D would do 

- Lowton and Bardsley doesn't go long much from right back. They usually play inside to Tarkowski or Westwood. FB-D, mark tighter, pass shorter, fewer risks

- Ward/Taylor at left back FB-S

I agree with Wood TM-A, Barnes PF-S,  Set pieces, early crosses

I think you should use either wingers or wide midfielders in whatever manner works well for your tactic - remember all the above observations are just individual observations which won't necessarily translate into an effective or accurate overall tactic

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