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In demand player negotiations


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In the situation where a player has a lot of clubs interested in signing him would it be an option for the agent to reveal what other clubs are offering in an attempt to drive up the wages? There could be a “keep me updated” checkbox when a contract is offered. 

For example Man U, Man C, Bayern, Barcelona are all in for De Ligt. Each club offers a contract. Offers range from £95-120k per week. As manager of Man U I have asked to be kept informed. The agent comes back to me and says the player will be going to Bayern as they have offered £20k per week more. I get the option to submit an improved offer. The information from the agent could be accurate or false to drive up the price. If the “keep me updated checkbox” is not ticked the contract system works as per fm19.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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