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[Suggestion] Database DLC?


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It's rather simpel 
I would like to have a Database DLC i.e. from the Season 04/05
Instead of using the current FM19 Database you just use the old one, so one could enjoy the current version of the game with all its new features instead of buying FM 05

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Generally there seems to be two major issues.

- Licensing, SI typically don't seem to be allowed to sell previous FM games. So on steam for example you can't get search results anymore for FM2017.

- Changes to data over time.

I can't speak for the former, but for the latter the changes year to year are quite substantial. The match engine changes over the years, and stat weightings change so a 15 for passing in 2004 isn't necessarily the same functionally in game as a 15 for passing in 2019. Filling in the gaps in data so that the players still are accurate could well be a problem considering with the passage of time many peoples memories are going to be hazy.

As flawed as they are, fan made old databases are typically best. The player attributes tend to be very overblown and nonsensical (small players with absurd jumping reaches, players who were retired or playing at lower levels by the time they hit 30 having 20 for natural fitness) but they're likely the best you'll get.

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I'm not 100% certain on this but have seen it mentioned elsewhere is that while professionals, footballers image rights and name usage comes under general bodies that SI can negotiate with. Once a footballer retires or stops being involved with football their rights revert solely to them or if they have a company that manages them, that company. So instead of negotiating with 1 body to get a batch of players rights, SI would have to get in touch with hundreds, potentially thousands of different companies/representatives to get it sorted.

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