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Financial Analysis of Your Transfers


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I think the game could do well to offer more insight into the financial analysis of your transfers. I know you can go to the transfer history screen and see a simple IN vs OUT comparison that shows expenditure vs income, but there is obviously more to it with agent fees, bonuses, wages in general, etc.

If I sign a player on a free and then sell him one year later for 1 million I don't make 1 million profit. It would be cool to get an inbox message that says "Smart piece of business by the club, Player X cost the club X amount over his X time at the club combining wages and fees, bringing in X profit with the transfer fee after solidarity payments/tax etc." It would be super simple to just show a breakdown, some sort of P&L statement for every deal you do to better get a grasp on your business, areas you can improve on, etc. Maybe show a percentage of profit made, or costs incurred over the term of the contract. More data is always a good thing if presented in a digestible fashion!

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