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Create new league structure


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Hi all and happy new year

I am creating a new league structure with the pre editor and got two different problems

The first and most importent one


I have created all the leagues which I wanna use and there is a change between Tier 6 and 7

Tier 6 has two leagues north and south with 22 teams per league

Tier 7 should have 4 diffrent areas with 18 teams per league


This was possible to setup but now I have problem in my league struckture with the promoting teams

The system ask me in the basic rules where the eams has to religate to

Unfortunately there is only one league which I can use and I have choosen for example Tier Seven League 1 but 

I would like that one team moves to Tier Seven League 1 and one team to Tier Seven League 2


Vise Versa the same, I would like that the 4 top teams from tier seven will be split into the two Tier six leagues

How can I achieve this, do I have to use the main league and not the pararell leagues instead?


Secondly I have the question, how to setup playoff and down for paraelle Leagues 

as the system always tell me, the amount of teams religated and promoted are not the same


I have the mail league and paraelle leagues, where do I put the number of teams relirate and promote insite and what will be the amount - overall or per league

Can you help me here too


Do we have a turturial or training on the pre editor which is a bit more in deepth

Thank you for your help and best regards


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