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[FM20] Beating Greavesy - Game thread


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With 9 signups, 10 when you count my own player, I've decided it's time to get things going.

I will be fairly minimal with screenshots in the interest of moving fairly fast, but I'll happily take requests. During each season I will stop at the start of the winter transfer window to monitor possible moves. If anybody moves outside of the Premier League, I will use the editor to re-assign them to a random Premier League team.

Our Contenders


Ben Black - Lenzar


 Göran Inschalistal - OspreyJ


Ellis Redding - Thebaker


Mike Brexiteer - Muttley84


Jimmy Bracers - nie jem frytek


Andy Becworth - andbec


Will Rees - Crispypaul


Jensen Forsman - vossmaj


Sheldon Cooper - bambi holt


Brother Ben

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If they get moved out of England and the random club is their ‘disliked’ club, will they still be moved to that club?


Misspelled Göran Inschalistal’s name :mad::D

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8 hours ago, OspreyJ said:

If they get moved out of England and the random club is their ‘disliked’ club, will they still be moved to that club?


Misspelled Göran Inschalistal’s name :mad::D


As for your question - no, I'll avoid doing that.

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2019-20 Season


Just a few goals for our contenders but they're still very young!


No surprises here, with City also winning the FA Cup and Champions League, and Liverpool winning the Carabao. Arsenal win the Europa League.

Sheldon Cooper and Brother Ben have been relegated - if they do not move to another EPL club by the end of July, they will be moved to a random club.

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Already got a cap, and an int’l goal!

I would guess my player is already the greatest player in Mongolian history :D

I think Göran’s goals actually might have saved Southampton from relegation, only two points clear :applause:

also, what is that table? Man U above Liverpool, Chelsea in 11th?

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1 hour ago, Lenzar said:

Transfer News - Summer 2020

No interest in any players, but 2 need moving back into the EPL...

Sheldon Cooper has been moved to Leicester City

Brother Ben has been moved to Norwich City



Hoping to get the record for most relegations at the very least :D

Are you using full detail to simulate the seasons?

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2020-21 Season


Jimmy Bracers with 16 goals is the standout performance.


No joy for any of our players in competitions, but Bournemouth do make the FA Cup final, only to lose to Liverpool.  Norwich managed to make the EFL Cup final, but Man City were in no mood to give in.

With Newcastle being relegated, Ben Black will be randomly transferred if he is not bought during the summer.

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9 hours ago, Muttley84 said:

Haha. Played more and scored less, seems legit for Brexiteer. And now I have that no good physicist breathing down my neck in the pecking order at Leicester.

Sheldon is coming for you! but you started so many more games. 

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i think all the players are all going to have to up their games, just 6 goals in 31 starts isn't going to get any records.

Has Redding taken any penalties and has he scored them?

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2021-22 Season


Sheldon Cooper rockets to the top the overall goals table after an excellent season as our players start to find the net.


Still no trophies, however. Chelsea win the FA Cup, whilst Man City win the League Cup and Europa League.

Ben Black is once again at a relegated club.

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2022-23 Season


Sheldon Cooper remains our highest scorer, but another 4 players remain within 10 goals of his total. Andy Beckworth won this year's Premier League golden boot.


Another title for Liverpool, who have none of our players. There's good news for Sheldon Cooper, who picks up FA Cup and Champions League winners medals. Jensen Forsman's Wolves win the Carabao Cup.

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2023-24 Season


A poor season from Sheldon Cooper allows Andy Becworth to take the lead.


Our top 5 are still quite a way behind, however.

Transfer Rumours

Arsenal are interested in Andy Becworth, Ellis Redding, Mike Brexiteer, Jensen Forsman and Brother Ben

Stoke are said to want Ellis Redding, Mike Brexiteer and Brother Ben.

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2024-25 Season


A fine season for Ellis Redding puts him top of the list.



Our top scorers are now less than 300 goals behind Greaves...will anyone get close?


No league title for any of our players - and nobody won any of the cups.

Transfer Rumours

Chelsea are interested in Mike Brexiteer

Man Utd are interested in Goran Inschalistal, Brother Ben and Will Rees.

Liverpool are said to want Will Rees.


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2025-26 Season


An absolutely insane season from Ellis Redding, who despite doubting that Stoke was a good move, managed to score 31 league goals, making him the first player to reach 100 career league goals! 


Suddenly the target doesn't seem so far away...


None of our players are at league winners Arsenal, who also won both domestic cups. Stoke, with both Ellis Redding and Ben Black, scored an impressive 79 goals...and conceded 75. 

Transfer Rumours

Our players are becoming popular!

Ellis Redding is wanted by Man City

Ben Black is being chased by Liverpool

Chelsea are interested in Mike Brexiteer

Jimmy Bracers is a target of Stoke, who clearly don't understand you need to play defenders.

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Summer 2026 transfers

Ellis Redding moves to Tottenham for £87m!

Jimmy Bracers was at relegated Bournemouth. With no interest from any teams, he was randomly transferred to Brighton.

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On 12/10/2020 at 14:33, Brother Ben said:

I'm wondering how many of us are being played on the wings

Quite a few from what I've gathered. Due to the fact that the AI loves 4-2-3-1, it's a given that it will try to repurpose players to fit into only have one up front.

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2026-27 Season


A dreadful season for Ellis Redding allows Andy Becworth to pass and become our top scorer!


With perhaps another 6 years before dropping off, can anyone catch the all-time top 5? 


A host of medals for Sheldon Cooper, who wins the league, Champions League and League Cup with his club! Liverpool win the FA Cup, giving Will Rees a medal. 

Transfer Rumours

Just the one this time: Mike Brexiteer is a target of Chelsea

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