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[FM 2020] All Ireland League

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DISCLAIMER: This database has no political motives.

To celebrate this very strange St. Patricks Day I created an All Ireland database for Football Manager 2020.

Previously made one for FM17, but decided to make a new one for this edition of FM given the recent discussion about such a league in real life.

All the existing leagues on the island of Ireland are deleted and replaced by a Irish Premier League (18), Irish Championship (18), Irish League One (18) and Irish League Two (18).

There also is an Irish Cup (with over +500 teams participating) and a Irish Super Cup at the start of the season. 

Media outlets are added and this update also includes awards.

The national team of Northern Ireland is replaced by Greenland (you can find graphics for this country over here).

All the players with Northern Ireland as football nationality are set to the Republic and by doing so an All Ireland national team is recreated.




I did a couple of test up to 2040 and everything seems to work fine, but feedback is still more than welcome.

There are a couple of minor issues though:

- Each season there are a couple of regens from Greenland playing at Irish teams

- It's not possible to select Scotland because of problems with the Challenge Cup



All Ireland v1.0.fmf

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I will take a look if I can see anything to fix your Greenland problem.

Have also bolded your disclaimer to make sure people see it. Just to be on the safe side ;)

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I think I know what your problem is. And unfortunately it can't be fixed.

Your issue can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIFA_eligibility_rules#Northern_Ireland

This will cause the situation of Northern Irish (read: Greenlandish) players having a dual nationality being both Irish and Greenlandish. The settings for dual nationality are not editable for us.

If I knew I would tell you, because it is something high on my wish list to be able to edit.

Also, Groenland is in the English translation. You just told me you support Oranje, ;) of niet?

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Glentoran and Larne are spending money like it's going out of fashion, just like it's the case in the real world.

Glentoran: €325.000 (2019), €2.800.000 (2020), €1.600.000 (2021), €700.000 (2022), €775.000 (2023)

Larne: €0 (2019), €200.000 (2020), €675.000 (2021), €1.200.000 (2022), €1.800.000 (2023)

Think the 2.8 million in 2020 by Glentoran is not realistic, but you never know with the amount of money they got right now in the real world.

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2 hours ago, kellyadam369 said:

Sophomore, could you make this All Ireland League downloadable again.I would love to play it


Download is in the first post.

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I was looking at doing a League of Ireland save and have been reading a little about all of this, i think i like the idea of keeping the 2 leagues and maybe having a play off system at the end either top 1 of each or top two in a semi, would definitely add more spice to put the two leagues together though.

I started a save with Cork and was quickly brought down to earth, £0 no sellable assets and 400 pound p/w for wages, strikers who can't finish a sentence . There is something really good about having league 2/conference standard players and trying to just win a game or two in europe, you are never on auto pilot

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