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Agent Wars [FM20 Sign Up]

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Votes are in, and your choice of player will come from Croatia - the club will be HNK Cibalia, 7 players came through the youth ranks in March of 2020 - so take your pick from the following lads, all are 16 years of age.

Mario Ivankovic - Goalkeeper

Jurica Pacar - Central Striker

Mario Matkovic - Central Midfield

Marin Simic - Central Attacking Midfield

Robert Rogulic - Central Midfield

Dejan Arsenic - Right Attacking Midfield

Karlo Simunec - Central Midfield


There are 3 new spaces for new a new agent if you want to jump on board - if you do, do as the other 4 have done and leave me a post with your agency name and which player you want. The game will move forward around 16:00hrs today (depending on real-life events lol).

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Starting stats for Season Number 2 - this is a really important season for the lads at Rotherham, with them being in their 2nd season of their youth contract - its all about earning that first pro contract.

Jake Champion 18 coaching points left to use.



Bernard Makwedza 78 coaching points left to use.



Next two agencies and (3 players) will be up soon, just off out.

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In-game Date: 06.July.2020

With the start of pre-season underway in both England and Croatia we take a quick look at the agencies and the players attached.

Agency Name: Cyberams

Signed Players: Jake Champion - Rotherham United, Mario Ivankovic - HNK Cibalia


Agency Name: Anguilla Sports Agency

Signed Players: Bernard Makwenza - Rotherham United.


Agency Name: Ace Industries

Signed Players: Rodney Kirwan - Rotherham United, Dejan Arsenic - HNK Cibalia


Agency Name: GKsRUS

Signed Players: Elliot Ellis - Rotherham United, Jurica Pacar - HNK Cibalia


Agency Name: Southy's Superstars

Signed Players: Marin Simic - HNK Cibalia


Starting off over in Croatia, the first team had a couple of friendlies. 103 Fans turned out to see a 3-0 win away at Bjelovar, Gradski stadion was the scene for sub appearances for Jurica Pacar. Pacar and Dejan Arsenic both came on as subs in the 2nd friendly, a 4-1 home hammering against Videoton FC were 666 fans came to watch the match.

Meanwhile in England, the Millers 2nd team played and lost 2-1 away at Hemel Hempstead Town 2-1. 423 fans were at Vauxhall Road to see Jake start the match and Elliot come on as sub.


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In-game Date: 13.July.2020

Starting off in England this time, the U23s were beaten 2-0 away at Curzon Ashton, 416 fans turned out at The Tameside Stadium, Elliot started in goal with Jake and Rodney coming on as subs. The U18s were also in action at home to Arsenal and suffered a 4-0 defeat, Elliot started in goal and Rodney came on as sub in front of 29 fans, as usual the Roundwood Sports Complex was the setting. 

HNK Cibalia first team beat Cepin at home 2-0 in a friendly, 110 fans turned out to watch Pacar start and Arsenic come on as sub.


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Dejan Arsenic

A winger/attacking midfielder that can't cross or pass isn't much use.

So I'll go with 7 points for Crossing (6 to 7), 7 points for Passing (6 to 7) and 6 points for Technique (5 to 6).

Rodney Kirwan

May as well be asleep on the pitch if he's paying that little attention.

I'll put 9 points into Concentration (3 to 5).

Also, a small suggestion if I may. Possibly add another column to the spreadsheet with the agency, or colour code the players by agent. Just to make it slightly easier to spot our lads.

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In-game Date: 20.July.2020 

A 2-0 away U18 friendly defeat at Ipswich Town saw keeper Elliot play at Playford Road in front of 50 fans, apart from that there was not much going on for the young Millers. @David South - Sorry! Last season's intake has closed.

Meanwhile over in Croatia the first team beat Tehnicar 3-0 away from home at an unknown secret location!!! 666 fans did know the location though of which 579 fans were the away following. These crafty lot got to see Dejan start the match and get a good 60 minutes under his belt, and Pacar came on as sub.


Just to note the Croatia youth lads are not part of a youth league, well last season they were not!!!! However they do play plenty of friendlies so those lads are going to be very slow burners unless they get a few sub chances with the first team. Rotherham's U23 and U18 seasons start in August.

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In-game Date: 27.July.2020

Just the 1 match this week with any action from the youths, over in Croatia. A 2-1 win at the Stadion HNK Cibalia in front of 506 fans. Dunaújváros Pálhalma Agrospeciál were the opposition, Dejan started and lasted 51 minutes, Pacar also got another start and hit the winner in the 27th minute of the match. Pacar is looking like he is nailed on for a senior squad place come the start of the season and is actually on a full time contract until 30.06.2021, £100 a week his is wage, whilst the other youth players in Croatia are actually on youth contracts of just £5 per week!


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In-game Date: 03.August.2020

Just Jake Champion getting a run out as sub this week in England, 480 fans turned out to see the U23 side lose 2-0 at home to MK Dons at the AESSEAL New York Stadium.

Over in Croatia, Dejan and Jurica both started for the 1st team in a friendly away at the Gospin dolac ground, 2-2 was the score against Imotski, if the young lads get a run out for the 1st team when the season starts on the 15th of Aug, they get 99 coaching points a game, so they will develop really quick.


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In-game Date: 10.August.2020

It doesn't seem Rotherham have entered an U23 team into a league this season, so its all about friendlies with the latest a 2-1 home defeat to Middlesbrough U18s at AESSEAL New York Stadium in front of 15 fans! Elliot was between the sticks and Jake came on as sub.

A home 2-1 defeat in front of 494 fans started the final pre-season week off in Croatia, 494 fans watched the final warm up match at home to Lucko, Jurica and Dejan started the match with Marin coming on as sub and setting the home sides only goal up.

Maybe a sign of the future at HNK Cibalia with all 3 outfield players starting in a 2-0 away defeat against Slavija Pleternica, 104 fans watched on as the trio of Marin, Dejan and Jurica tried to impress the gaffer. With the opening game of the season just 5 days away, have any of the youth done enough to get on the bench?



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In-game Date: 17.August.2020

The only football for the lads this week was U18 league football for Rotherham, 25 fans were at the Roundwood Sports Complex to see the Millers draw 0-0 at home to Mansfield. Elliot started the match and Rodney came on as sub and picked up a yellow card.


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In-game Date: 24.August.2020

Jake flew the flag for the youth lads in the U23 friendly 2-0 away win at Chester, 429 fans turned out at The Deva Stadium to watch him come off the bench. The U18 lads lost their U18 league game 2-1 away to Chesterfield, just 15 fans rocked up to Warminster Road to see Elliot start in goal, Jake in midfield and Rodney get back to scoring ways.

In Croatia the U19 side played a friendly to keep themselves ticking over, 16 fans were out in force to watch the lads draw 1-1 away at Syupnik. Dejan and Marin came on as sub, Pacar started and Mario was the unused sub keeper.


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In-game Date: 31.August.2020

The Millers U23s had a friendly away at Colchester, losing 2-1 in front of 427 fans at the JobServe Community Stadium. Jake started the match, and Bernard the forgotten man got a run out after coming on as sub. The U18s played out a 1-1 away draw at South Shields, 18 fans were at Mariners Park to see Elliot start in goal, Jake started also and hit the goal and Rodney also started the match. 

The U19s in Croatia played a 2-1 away friendly win at Mladost Zdralovi, 14 fans were at Mladost, Dejan picked up the man of the match award after scoring and setting a goal up, Jurica and Marin also started the match.


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Rodney Kirwan

I'll go with 15 points for Finishing (14 to 15) and 11 points for Strength (10 to 11).

Dejan Arsenic

Man of the match, a goal and an assist. The fans will be screaming for this lad to get a shot in the first team.

I'll increase Crossing again with 13 points (12 to 13) and 7 points on Technique (6 to 7).


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In-game Date: 07.September.2020

The U23s of Rotherham played out a 2-1 away friendly win at the Blackwell Meadows in front of 422 fans, Bernard played the full 90 picking up a booking along the way, Jake also started the match. 24 Fans were at the Roundwood Sports Complex to watch the U18s win their league game 2-0 at home to Scunthorpe, Elliot started in goal, Jake set 1 of the 2 goals up, and Rodney started and got subbed at half time.

No football for the lads in Croatia, however Jurica Pacar has caught the attention of top flight club HNK Rijeka, who are thought to have major interest in the 16 year old who is knocking on the door of a bench place in the 1st team.


Sorry about no update yesterday - was out all day in the Peaks training for a 110 mile race I have coming up in August and decided to do a full day!

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In-game Date: 14.September.2020

The update starts with a cracking 4-1 home win in the U18 Alliance Cup against Wrexham, 220 fans watched on as Bernard started the match, get booked and set a goal up and Jake smashed in a goal at the Roundwood Sports Complex. The U18s also played at home in the league, 28 fans watched the 1-1 draw. Elliot and Jake started, whilst Rodney came on as sub.

Cracking news for Bernard as he was named in the EFL Trophy squad, a un-used sub meant he was given the number 35 shirt a great day for the youth. With only 9 months left on his youth contract could we also see the first pro-contract handed out?

Dejan picked up a twisted ankle in training and will be out for 2 to 4 weeks, Jurica is still wanted by HNK Rijeka.


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In-game Date: 21.September.2020

The only football for the young Millers was a 2-0 away win at Hartlepool with 22 fans watching at The Ron Greig Stadium. Bernard and Jake both started the match and played the full 90 minutes.

Grac was the venue for the Cibalia U19s 2-0 away friendly win in front of 20 fans, Dejan, Jurica, Marin all started the match with Dejan and Jurica both scoring, Jurica is still being watched!

Below are the player coaching points, over the next hour or so I will be posting screenshots of your players current abilities as we are 1/4 of the way through the season.


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