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FM10 Sign Up Challenge?

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Hello all,

I realised I have FM10 the other day and thought about football 10 years ago. Messi and Ronaldo were just about starting their run of dominance. Pep and Spain were about to introduce us all to Tika Taka brilliance. Liverpool would have to wait another 10 years. Fergie and Wenger were still in charge. Real Madrid hadn't broken Jose. What a time.

So for nostalgia's sake as well as for some fun I wondered about doing some kind of challenge. There are three options I am considering based on what people would like to see or might be interested in...


1. All signees create players and we see if anyone can break the Messi/Ronaldo decade up and see how you change the future...

2. All signees create managers and we see if anyone can topple Sir Alex, Jose, Pep and Klopp.

3. The experiment runs without any edited things added and we just see how it all pans out with people maybe sponsoring clubs and earning fake money (much like @PaulHartman71 did for one of his journeyman saves long ago).


Am open to other suggestions too.

What do we reckon?

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