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Team - Boreham Wood

Leagues - England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy (All Tiers) 

In Game Date - 1/9/2020


I've noticed a few issues popping up here and there such as a visual glitch on the Tactics screen showing all areas of the 'pitch strength' as red despite having a full team, appropriate positions/roles selected. Happens after I have selected my team and then attempt to change tactics e.g. changing 'In Transition' options. 

As somebody else mentioned I have been unable to set my players to 'Make Available for Reserves' from the player screen. Thought this was worth bringing up again. 

The option to change a player's 'Squad Status' e.g. from Important Player to Regular Starter also appears to be missing. 

I sent a Loan player back to their Parent Club to reduce my Wage Budget deficit by £900 but after he returned on the 29th August, no change to the budget had occurred the following day indicating I was still over budget. The player's name was Whitely. 

I'm enjoying the game so far despite the above issues. Welcome back to the Xbox. 

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  • SI Staff

Hi @ArchonXVII, thank you for your post. 

We have not seen the issue where the Tactical Analysis grid goes red after making changes to in transition. Are you able to provide any more detailed information on what you did to get this to happen in order for us to repro?

We are aware of the issue regarding Make Available for Reserves and it is under review.

This option should be available if you Navigate to a player's Profile, then select the Information Sub-Tab under Overview, you should then be able to press X to bring up the Change Playing Time pop-up. Hope this info helps.

Regarding you last point, when you set up the loan did you select a monthly fee or a percentage of the players wage?

Glad to hear you are enjoying the game!


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Thanks for looking at my feedback @Michael Mallia.

The 'Red Tactical Grid' appears inconsistently and I've since discovered that by clicking on a player's name and then returning to the tactical screen, this seems to resolve the issue. I wish I could tell you more but it has only happened a twice. 

I'll have a look at your recommendation for 'Squad Status' and let you know if I have run into anymore problems. 

For the last point it wasn't I that set up the loan, Whitely was already with the club with Boreham Wood contributing £900 towards his wages. After I cancelled the loan expecting to have that number 'refunded' into my wage budget, I was disappointed to find this was not the case. I was approximately £3000 over my budget at the time hence the need to reduce this amount. I'm not sure if this discrepancy occurred because it was a loan deal because every other regular transfer in and out was accurately accounted for in my budgets. 


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