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UI Issue - Importing/Exporting (Saves/Tactics/etc)

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I have just sat down with the Windows Store version and had a look around after spending all my time with the console release and noticed that there is a drop down box like on Steam when you save or load a game to choose whether it uses the cloud or local storage.

Now I don't know if its a bug or or a Microsoft limitation, but going by the other UI issues other users and I have reported seeing, this one looks like a bug.

The fact the game creates the usual directories in My Documents says to me we should have the ability to import and export games, tactics and tactical styles otherwise surely these folders wouldn't exist or if they did but it was a Microsoft limitation for the user, they would be in the WindowsApps directory which you can't touch (unless you know what you are doing).

FM UI.png

FM Directory.png

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  • SI Staff

All saves and add ons are designed for cloud saving only as per MS rules about cross syncing of all user save items between console/PC etc.

(that drop down showing is a bug really, as are the folders being created - apologies)

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Is something like mod.io something that could be looked at as a way of adding tactics and even logos and face packs in the future? 

Microsoft allows it with Snowrunner, Space Engineer and Skater XL. Paradox and Giants Software both have a mod facility for Surviving Mars and Farming Simulator respectively, Microsoft even bigger up mod support in the Win10 Xbox app for Farming Simulator 17. Surviving Mars even auto downloads mods on Xbox if you have installed any on PC, I did this for a Game pass Quest the other month.

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