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3d kit for new team


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I hope I have created this topic at the right section. If not I;m sorry.

In FM20 I created a new team. Because it was a big success I have done it again in FM 21. I also created some kits, 3d kits + logo & icon. I used the exact same code I used in FM20. The regular shirts are working, the logo + icon too. But the 3d kits won't show. When I change the ID to the ID of another club the 3d kits are visible at that team so the error has to be in the ID. But the regular shirts, logo and icon are working on the same ID and that ID is also visible on the screen-id.

The filename is auschwitz1_text for the 3d-kit. And when I change the ID to another club (for example 1028 for PSV) this works. But with ID 2000066266 (the ID of my custom team) it doesn't work. It almost looks like there is a bug that new created teams can't have a 3d kit.

<record from="auschwitz1" to="graphics/pictures/team/2000066266/kits/home"/>
<record from="auschwitz2" to="graphics/pictures/team/2000066266/kits/away"/>
<record from="auschwitz3" to="graphics/pictures/team/2000066266/kits/third"/>

<record from="auschwitz1_text" to="graphics/pictures/team/1028/kit_textures/home"/>
<record from="auschwitz2_text" to="graphics/pictures/team/2000066266/kit_textures/away"/>
<record from="auschwitz3_text" to="graphics/pictures/team/2000066266/kit_textures/third"/>

<record from="logo" to="graphics/pictures/club/2000066266/logo"/>
<record from="icon" to="graphics/pictures/club/2000066266/icon"/>

The team is not to disrepect what happened in real life. In FM20 I created a team in Chernobyl, now a team in Auschwitz for a fictive story to increase tourism in that area.


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