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Hi guys!


Anyone knows how I can unlock International Management on FM Touch PC version? And others unlockables for that matter..

Really interest in that because I want to start a challenge. Read somewhere about winning an international competition and another one is winning Manager of the Year. I won Champions League (that's an international competition right?) but didn't unlock anything and MOTY unlocks All Players Interested.

Any help?

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Click on store in the drop down, or do you just mean through playing?

I unlocked National Management on FMT20 but it wasn't for winning anything, won sod all, doesn't say on Steam, think it was for being at club for 10 years, yeah like you say on this version anyway it say by winning international comp.


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Setup a save with Liverpool just to win the CL again and it unlocked .. Foreign Influx.

I mean it's like 1€ and I could just buy it but it's annoying me, especially since in the store says "you'll unlock this automatically by winning an International Competition".

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