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Impossible to get a job at a national team (and not a single job offer from another team in 5 season)


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I've been trying to get a international job for 5 seasons now and i always get the text saying i'm not the best candidate for the job , i have tried almost all country's at the top list ( i am almost a 5 star manager) and managers who have little to no reputation get the job before me, now i tried to apply for my own nations job but still a manager from Mainz (3 star rep) got the job before me now i think this is a bug because no team even looks at me and i don't get any job offers from other teams as well which is weird considering the win record i have.

Here is the save also. 

  • Franz Beckenbauer - BVB youth backup.fm

german national 3.png

germany national 2.png

germany national.png

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I made a different save and applied to France Germany and Engalnd, so that you can see why it is happening because i didn't have another save anywhere.

  • Franz Beckenbauer -international.fm

Also here is a save before i apply and the jobs are available.

  • Franz Beckenbauer -Before international.fm
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  • SI Staff

Hey @jonb33 thanks for those saves

I see what you mean. With the earlier save, I took you through the CL - won it! :)

Knocked back from France and England when I applied straight after, both got 2.5 / 3 star managers instead. Your manager's stats are very very impressive!

So it is with our development team to unravel. I'll come back to you with what we find.

Thanks for raising!

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