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Player refuses to play more for the national team

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this 17 year old player has already played for the andorra national team that i coach and now says he doesn’t want to play anymore for andorra and hopes he will be called up by spain.
But he has already played official games like the nations league
In reality, a player cannot play for two nations team?



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how many nations league games did he play?


the rule would have changed VERY RECENTLY (like September 2020
page 79 is your friend here - https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/fifa-statutes-2020.pdf?cloudid=viz2gmyb5x0pd24qrhrx


9.2.c.iii would be the case he'd be arguing

A request to change association may be granted only in the following circumstances... the player... at the time of being fielded for his last match in an official competition in any kind of football for his current association, he had not turned 21 years old;

he would qualify under this clause (which I'm guessing is in FM), and then would be hoping for a spanish-callup (as he's under 21, he can freely do that)

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  • FrazT changed the title to Player refuses to play more for the national team
3 horas atrás, michaeltmurrayuk disse:

I'd also check to see if he is showing as declared for Andorra, if he is then it's likely a bug and worth raising in the bugs forum.

I didn't know about the rule, as it was only updated in September and thank you

in the player's information continues to say that he is eligible for both nations teams

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