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Game doesn't acknowledge World Cup UEFA Qual section play-off win & successfully reaching WC


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Playing as England in the lead up to the 2022 World Cup. I qualified by winning one of the three play-off finals, however, the game doesn't acknowledge this in multiple ways.

Firstly the press and news reports talk about failing to reach the WC.
Secondly, the FA assess me on failing to reach the WC and I only keep my job by the skin of my teeth.
Thirdly, the teams list on the World Cup screen is short by 3 teams (all UEFA play-off final winners) all the way up until the day of the tournament draw. I then get a news item saying England are in pot 1 of the draw.

Three save files uploaded.

"GIB WCQ Failure" - This is the day after the play-off final win.
"GIB WCQ teams" - This is a week before the draw. Play-off winners missing
"GIB WC Draw" - This is the day of the draw


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