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Issue potentially with new Brexit rules - Restricting player movement until start of the next year

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On my save, I tried to buy a player (pre-season season 21/22) in the EPL but it came up at the bottom that this player could not move to the Premier League until 01/01/2022, so I decided against it. Crystal Palace bought him a few weeks later and he moved straight into their squad.

Is this specific to my club with Brexit rules or a glitch?



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  • SI Staff

Thanks for the feedback. 

Could you confirm if you had started your save game in the Pre Release Beta or Full Release? 

There was an issue in save games started in the PRB which would see this message incorrectly appear when making an offer for a player in the 2021 summer window. Saving and reloading the game should resolve the problem. 

If it doesn't and the problem persists please upload your save game and we will take a look. 



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