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Continental qualyfing for Opening/Closing champions


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Hi, i revamped rules for Argentina. Before we was only 1 league champion and now i have 2 (opening/closing system).

Phase 0 - Opening stage
Phase 1 - Closing stage
Phase 2 - Overall table

The champions of phase 0 and 1 have to qualify for Copa Libertadores, and the rest of the places are defined by the Overall Table and Copa Argentina.


Current settings:




In game:





How should I set up this?


Parche argentina 75 (avanzadas) - ap.cl.fmf


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I think (emphasis think) you need to select on

Rule1: winner of Apertura

Rule2: winner of Closura

Rules 3: based on overall standings (as the Apertura and Closure are already picked, these should get ignored and replaced by teams below)

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I had tried in many ways without success, and it was easier than I thought






In "type" I always selected 'winner' and, apparently, you only had to choose 'league stage'.

Anyway, I have not yet confirmed 100% that it is working well, as it is not so usual that a team is crowned champion and then is not classified among the 6 best of the season.




Opening/Closing rules



Overall table rules:


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