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What do you think of this formation - and what would be a good style to play with it? (meant to go quickly from back to front)

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meant to go quickly from back to front

If so, then a low team mentality - cautious in this case - is not the best idea. Balanced or Positive would be better options. Because the mentality affects the speed of attacking transitions (among other things). Although in this particular case the combo of cautious mentality and much more direct passing might work. But the choice of formation is likely to cause problems elsewhere. 

The setup of roles and duties is extremely shaky defense-wise. There are only 2 midfielders and neither is given a holding role, while at the same time both fullbacks are played in a very attacking role. 

With the combo of lower Def line and standard LOE, things look even worse due to a relatively low level of compactness. 

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4 hours ago, splishysplash123 said:

I think it lends itself naturally to counter-attacking football, but am a perennial CL contender and won't often find the need to play so conservatively.  Is there another tactic that could take advant


What about this? It is a very good formation for counter-attacking tactics:


IF(A)                                (W)(S)

             DLP(S)  CM(A)

WB(S)                              IWB(S)

       NCB(D) CD(D) CB(D)



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