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Inbox messages and transfer approaches with incorrect warning for Foreign Player rules.

Brian 95

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I'm managing Duli Pengiran Muda Mahkota FC in the Singaporean League. Like a few of the teams in this league they are actually based in a different country, in this case Brunei.

League rules state that no more than 3 foreigners can be registered in the league squad and until the latest hotfix this classified all Brunei nationality players as foreign (aka any newgen coming through and most of the current players). This issue has now been fixed in the latest hotfix but the warning texts on the scout reports still classifies Bruneians as foreign players (even though registration does not). 



Just to note in the squad view that Kento Fukuda and Matthew Stewart are dual nationality Singaporeans.

I also get a similar warning when negotiating a transfer/contract for a new foreign player (with the number being currently 7 instead of currently 3)

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