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New update even errors. Portugal competitions

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Mas você está jogando com a gente? É tudo a mesma coisa. Em Portugal as regras continuam todas erradas, desde a contagem amarela em todas as competições aos empréstimos onde o jogador pode jogar contra o clube-mãe. Estar envergonhado. Pesquise as regras. Está tudo errado, é incrível a quantidade de erros nas competições portuguesas, mesmo depois de a atualização dizer que foi corrigido? Com quem você está jogando? Eu paguei por um jogo, não tinha de graça. Sou seu cliente, então faça bem as coisas. Chega de incompetência.

I will leave here a summary as it should be. A club that lends a player to a team in the same league cannot play against that club. 5 yellow cards 1 game punished in the championship. 2 yellow in the cups, 1 game punished in the cups. any red in internal competition 1 game or more depends on the lack of any internal competition. What is happening is that the yellow count, counts for everything for example 2 yellow in the cups, 1 away game in all. And it is not so. This is only the case with red cards. complicated to realize this? I want to change it in the edit, and I can't because it always gives the same error. For God's sake, do they need workers there? how much do they pay?

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40 minutes ago, FrazT said:

I note that you have reported this in the correct league specific issues forum, so I suggest that you leave it there where it will get seen.

Sorry, but I wrote there there was no one who came to talk to explain the reasons for staying the same. I created this topic, they answered right away. I would like to know also what kind of update was this? say they fixed the Portuguese league, and is it still the same? Where are the changes? Do we pay a game and explain nothing to us? Release updates and nothing done? What's up anyway? Do yourself a favor to respond and resolve. It is a shame every year we Portuguese are correcting the same mistakes, they are not new mistakes, they are the same, you know?

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