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Ghost/Nonexistant goal


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I was just playing a match and something bizarre happened. When I scored the fourth goal in my favour (57'), suddenly the first goal for River Plate (46') popped up in my scoreboard (the two that I marked in the screenshot). It never had shown a replay of any goal for them, nor a kick-off, nor did it even show until I had scored. It was really strange, because when I check the replays, I can see the goal; but this still happened. You can find the match file as an attachment.

Also, I don't know where to add this too, but two of their goals were goalie assists given my high defensive line. This led my assistant manager to suggest pressing and marking on him, which would make sense for a field player, but a) pressing the goalie would lead to more long shots from him; and b) well, marking a goalie is kinda nonsense under such terms.


Peñarol v River Plate Montevideo.pkm

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