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Still major issues with board and club vision.

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There are still plenty of problems with this. The chairmen are far too stubborn and unreasonable. There seems to be very little difference between dealing with them off the back of major success and dealing with them off the back of no success. 

For example, MK Dons  chairman, Pete Winkelman asked for a top half finish in season one. The media prediction for the club was 19th. With two signings, Summerville on loan and Sean Goss from Shrewsbury, we were able to; win the league, reach the fourth round of the FA cup (losing 2-0 to Man City), and reach the semi finals of the Papa John's. 

The preferred culture of play possession football was not met because we play direct. So at the end of season review this, I wanted to remove it and can't. I'm not going to play possession football next season to survive in the Championship with the squad and wage budget I have. Success has come with a certain style, a solid defense, midfielders who can pass quickly forward into space and a fast front 3. That won the league. 

What I'd really like to say is option a is - play possession football and struggle 

Option b is let me continue my approach and continue to be successful.

But you can't do this. 

The other thing is that days after winning the league, manager performance drops from A+ to B+ which is absurd. The notable criticisms can be very crude too. You win 4 games in a month then draw with a club of much higher reputation and ability and a notable criticism pops up with very disappointed with draw to insert bigger club here. 

Definitely needs addressing. Was the same on FM20 and makes little sense. You can be taking a club to the very top and not get any backing or leeway in decision making from the chairman. 

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I agree- the lower leagues in every country are filled with teams who have been relegated after "making a lot of friends" and "they player a really entertaining brand of football"  There is no board or set of fans anywhere that would rank the type of football played over league position and success and it is ridiculous that the boards are putting such emphasis on this aspect.  IN FM 20 after about 6 years in, the board vision was " to play attacking football" and "to be very tight defensively"  Worryingly they were both non-negotiable, which I also considered to be nonsense.

Notable criticism is also flawed IMO  I recently reported my November 1st board review where after playing 17 games in the season and winning 16 of them, guess what the notable criticism was?  Yep, the single draw!

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