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Adding and replacing Club Logos

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So I've had a few problems with adding new club logos. I used a logos pack that is higher resolution than those ingame.

1. The game adds the logos to clubs, competitions etc. that don't already have a logo in place and those work just fine, but won't replace the logos of clubs that already had a logo present.

2. National Team and Federations Logos won't get replaced at all.

Strangley, after the game updated to 12.0.3 all club logos were replaced by the new ones, excatly what I wanted, but also messed up the scale of the national flags which were suddenly all over the place. So I had to delete and redownload the game to get that sorted. I figured I try again without the higher res national flags but ended up at the beginning, with the game not replacing already present club logos.

I've since been trying to recreate what happenend after the update but with no luck. I hope someone can help me out with this one.


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