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Scout Recommendation: 75 (95% of the time)

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Hi all,


Wondering if anyone else has noticed this. I am Wigan, season 2 in the Championship, I have 3 scouts out of a possible 4. The most recent, my new chief scout was primarily employed to stop what I thought was an issue related to having poor scouts. New chief scout has JCA 17 and JPA 17, decent by all accounts, but that hasnt stopped my issue.

Of the reports that I receive into my inbox i'd say 95% give a scout recommendation of '75', i get a few 74's and a few 76's but most of the time it's 75. Now I have asked them not to bother with anything under 70, so I was expecting a lot of 70-74's because naturally they'll be more of them than 75-80s and in turn 80+, that's just logic. But the experience is everyone is 75.

In my 'Scouted Players' screen these recommended value have been tailored as more time is spent looking at players, and predictably I have a 'bell curve' shaped result of recommendations. That's fine i expected this.

I wondered if anyone else has noticed a similar potential issue?

I've been playing FM years, my last save on FM20 was with Yeovil, a club of equally low income and poor staff, yet this was never something i noticed in FM20, which means it's either a bug, or an intentional change that I wasnt aware of. Thoughts please?!

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