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Fixture and subs issue


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Im not sure where to start here, first of all when i loaded up the game on full release i had 2 double fixtures against the same team on the same day and time (which can be seen below) the first new update rolled out which fixed it after a restart with a new save. I them went to play my first game against the reserves which i picked 12 subs, as soon as the team sheet show up and went into the game, i had 5 sybs and the subs was picked by itself (before anybody ask, im in charge of every single thing in my responsibilites, apart from training and youth so this is deffinetly a bug) I then restarted a new save again as i seen the recent update on (02/12/2020) only affected new saves and because i havnt had much time to play it since release i wasnt far into it so i thought why not, lets try a new save a see what happens. I then tested this, which fixed the sub situation but the fixture list was showing double again on the same date and time? is anyone eles having this issue because its frustrating with the bugs thats going on


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