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Other teams won't rehire managers

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I am almost a year into my first save this year and I am having a similar problem to last FM. When a team sacks their manager in a different league (the league is on view-only, not playable), they won't rehire a new manager/have a caretaker manager and instead it just remains blank as seen in the screenshot. Is this because the leagues are view-only and not playable (teams in the league I am playing in are rehiring managers once the manager before is sacked)?

Anyone know how to fix this or will I have to change the leagues to playable for it to work? Cheers

Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 3.15.57 pm.png

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51 minutes ago, michaeltmurrayuk said:

Yes it will be due to the League being selected as View-Only, the only thing View-Only really does is make it so you can see the league table, other than that the teams in the league are generally treated as if they were in a non-active league.

ohhh okay thank you for your help!

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