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Compiling press officer summary

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On 03/12/2020 at 15:22, Doolf said:

It crashes after every game. Me and 2 friends trying to play a season. As soon as it moves to compiling press officer summary screen. It crashes. NIGHTMARE!!!!!

I had this issue also. I advise save it before games and use force continue option, i use 2 mins. if it crashes try getting the other users to leave, wait out the force continue time and it loaded for me, get the others to join back and nothing is lost.

If this does not work then replay the matches & Make sure the other users do not complete the match first. The host clicks continue after games first and the press officer loading bar appears. Sometimes it fills halfway and sometimes its empty.  When the other users click continue it fills up and continues. The host has to be the last one clicking continue after all matches.  I have tried and tested this 5 times. 
Also i only had one other user and me as the Host. 
Hope this helps

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