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Date of Birth?

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I'm part way through the first season of my National League North save with York City, and noticed the Date of Birth for my manager is wrong. I was surprised as i was pretty sure id set my birthday correctly (I'm 24), and bought the in game editor in the hope of fixing this. However, it seems the most recently I can be born in game is 1993? Is that the same for everyone? 


From memory, this did used to be a limitation in the game (although im thinking back to FM 2006 and 2008 where I remember having to be thirty.), but  I hadnt  realised it had been brought back

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@bringbacklilnux Thanks for the help! I've tried that, and unfortunately the most recently it will let pick is 1993. I can age my guy, but not make him any younger 


Edit - Ive just tried it on my assistant, and the youngest he can go is 1993 too so I think I may have answered my own question! Oh well, I'll get some use out of the editor changing my preferred clubs I guess 

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