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need help for a 532

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first of all sorry for my bad english. It's not my mother tongue.
I want to be defensively safe with my tactics and, if possible, start quick counterattacks. 
I came up with the following setup for this. Please help me find bugs and improve tactics.
In addition, I am being treated as a candidate for relegation.

Thank you


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7 hours ago, Saargamer said:

I want to be defensively safe with my tactics and, if possible, start quick counterattacks

If you want a fast and direct counter-attacking tactic, play both strikers on attack duties. TM & AF is a very good combo, so you just need to switch the TM's duty to attack. Like this:

AF    TMat

As for the rest of the tactic, here are some tips:

- do not use narrow defensive width (force opposition outside) when you play in a narrow formation. Just leave it on default.

- move the D-line up just a notch (to standard) in order to get optimal compactness in defense (which is particularly important for counter-attacking and other defensive styles)

- get stuck in is okay, but more urgent pressing might prove a bit too much, considering the mentality (test and see)

- not sure the libero is a good idea for this style of play (a regular CB on defend or stopper duty would be a better option IMHO)

- BWM on support instead of BBM might also be an idea to think about

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