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I've had a search around and am struggling to find answers so thought it best to post here as it may be an issue?

I've done this on multiple play through tests now and this is the latest; I am managing Brighton and have 16 scouts, 13 are English, 1 Argentinian and 2 Scottish.

Despite this fact my scouting (regional) knowledge appears to only be taken from my non recruitment staff (mostly coaches) and the 1 scout from Argentina. None of the English or Scottish scouts appear to be having an influence there.

I put all the scouts on individual assignments, 90% in England with the other few in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

At the end of the season, each scout has found 0 players each and still aren't contributing to the regional knowledge area.

My save game file is ~220MB so can't attach but as I said it isn't specific to this save, itS doing it on all of them.

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I'm getting a similar thing happening in my lower league save.  3 seasons in and scout reports have gone from once a week 10 to 15 reports now 0 in the scout reports.  I'm in the national league north with all uk  players added to database.  No scout changes.  I have 3 including a chief scout who is in charge of assigning them.

It just started happening out of nowhere.

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