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Centre Backs player ratings too high

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Hi Guys,


Apologies if this has already been raised (couldn't find see that it has) or in the wrong forum.

I have noticed that player ratings for centre-backs in particular are possibly too high.

I was managing in the National League North last season and 5 of the top 5 rated players were all centre-backs despite my centre forward and York's centre forward both scoring 30 goals in the season.

I've attached a game where I lost 2-1 yet my two highest rated players were my centre backs and the one with the highest rating gave away a penalty, this seems a bit off to me.


Chelmsford v Fylde.pkm

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I've attached another example to maybe highlight the differences.

This game I won 7-3 (!) my striker who scored three, got a rating on 8.4

My centre half who conceded three got a rating of 7.4.

But using the example in the original post, find it strange how a centre half who gives away a penalty can get a rating on 7.8 (in a 2-1 loss) which is only 0.6 less than a striker who scores a hat trick in a 7-3 win.

Hope this helps!

Fylde v Bromley.pkm

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