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Managers stuck as coaches?


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Does anyone know why the managers I added are stuck as coaches? 


IE, added Fabio Capello, made a contract for "Manager First Team" for Roma.


Made Paulo Fonseca Assistant Manager


But in game, Fonseca is still there, not Capello.


Capello doesn't show up in Roma's Staff list

But you search for him, he's a "coach" at Roma.


DB - Historic Managers v1.0 - majesticeternity.xml

DB - Historic Managers v1.0 - majesticeternity.fmf

Save file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l8jlv16l0dkhvqi/TEST+ALL.fm/file




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I just removed everyone and added them one by one to fix the original issue. So remove all those scouts so they have no contract. Save. Then add one and see what happens. 

If taking over a club which has a manager already, remove the existing one and then add the new one. Don't put one on top of the other, it confuses things.

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