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Mess in squad display


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I have a problem with displaing squad of my teams. Managing Cadiz B.

I have a fev players, which are in my Cadiz B squad, but should be displayed only in U19 team (i.e. Farid). There are also players, which are in B squad, aren't shared with U19, but are shown in both teams (i.e. Gudelj).
Other thing - players which are in B team, which should be displayed only in U19 I can't only move to B team (but they are there, and aren't in U19 - and their description id, that they are in U19). There are no other options in filters, to display other players, than from exact team. It's total mess. I have no idea, why it's happening like this.

Edit: When the transfer window is closed, players are correctly moved to the squads, in which should be. But the playeres which were displayed as shared to U19 squad (and I removed it), again are marked as shared).


Cádiz CF B_ Players.png

Dragisa Gudelj_ Profile.png

Farid_ Profile-2.png

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