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Where in editor I can delete salary cap


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You need to open the editor.

Go to Rules - Add Nation Rules - Add lower division to current Nation. Select England and click okay.

Then go to Rules - Convert to Advanced Rules.

On the left hand side you have the advanced rules. Should be selected by default to England.

Find "Fixture  Rules" and expand it. 

Find "Rules 3 ENG_LEAGUE_1_FIXTURE_RULES" and expand it.

Go to "squad selection rules".

The salary cap is found at the bottom. It is set to an annual wage of 2.5 million at the moment. You can try to modify or delete this line. 

Once done, save your file.

Then go to Rules - test rules - all

This should take a little time to check all the leagues function. Once it completes save the file again and you can use it when starting a new game.

If you have any issues post them.

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