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...so much potential in this mode. A game that my mates and I have loved playing in recent versions...


...this year? A bug-ridden shambles.


So far we’ve had:


Every player having two star for every role

A midseason draft ending in managers’ losing the players they wanted to jettison, but without the option to gain any new ones

Generally, full of inconsistencies and discontinuities. 


anybody else had this experience?

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  • SI Staff

Hi @Tonton_Zola

Sorry you are issue with the draft mode. The every player having the same stars and midseason issues are already being looked into. You said you have been having some crashes, can you give us some more information on where the game crashed and sending us your crash dump files?


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Thanks. It’s mainly just attention-to-detail stuff that breaks the immersion. Some friends and I just had to stop playing in frustration.

In memory:

- weird stuff from assistant managers about youth intakes that made no sense

- mid season draft disappearing

- player role stars all the same

- lots of glitches in search filters while doing the draft itself 

genuinely think Fm should give this mode a lick of paint and a little love. It’s potentially a brilliant deep-lite online mode - almost e-sportsy?

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