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Players turn unhappy one by one over very old bad team talk

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So... I might have thrown a water bottle at my players (They deserved it!), anyway, as they already didn't particularly like me half the team got angry at me.

As a result, team meetings were had, promises were made and as life was looking up things were looking good and.. quite frankly I don't know what happened then. There was one player that actually got the "improve man management" promise (and he was happy with my performance). However, I ended up selling him and as a result the promise was cancelled 6 days before it would've been successfully completed. I think that this is what caused this issue.

As a result, the remaining players that were unhappy at my team talks back then will go public with their outrage about my poor team talks (from a match now 3 months ago) one by one. After they have their public outrage, I'm asked to hold a team meeting to discuss this, but as this issue has theoretically long since been resolved I can't actually hold the team meeting.


As you can see from the screenshot Friend was the one that was in line to be unhappy, after one match with a team talk that doesn't annoy him he no longer has an issue with me and then immediately the next guy in line goes public with complaints about my poor team talks from that match 3 months ago and this process has now already been repeated with a bunch of players. I'm guessing it is due to the initial promise ending up cancelled due to the player that stepped up with the complaint and had the promise assigned to was sold and had the promise cancelled as a result, but maybe it's something different. Either way, I've uploaded a save game called "Freakiie Team Meeting" so you guys can check it out.

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