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[FMT21] Diamond Derby


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Save Rules, Aims and Requirements

No Signings of any kind inwards. Outwards? Go for it.

Youth Only. All New Players in the First Team Squad must be from our Youth System.

Premier League, and beyond. Doesn't have to be tomorrow, Rome wasn't built in a day.


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January-February 2021 Results



Consolidating on the last 2 months, January and February were more of the same with a few tweaks to how I sim the matches. I won't say what they are, but they've made us lose less. No tactical adjustments.


Board Report


Seeing as we're currently overachieving by a large margin, the board should be very happy with me. Our entertaining football thing has improved recently, with it going from disappointed to satisfied from January and February respectively.

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May 2021 Results



Final Position is 12th, well away from relegation. Great stuff.


Young Player Ratings


Festy Ebosele - 6.56 avg rating (15 apps) (D(R))

Archie Brown - 6.68 avg rating (11 apps) (D(L))

Louie Sibley - 6.53 avg rating - 3 assists (25 apps)  (M(C), AM(C))

Jack Stretton - 6.90 avg rating - 1 goal (2 apps) (AM(L),ST(C))

Bobby Duncan - 6.69 avg rating - 5 goals, 2 assists (31 apps) (ST(C))

Jordan Brown - 6.52 avg rating (23 apps) (D(R))


Lee Buchanan - 6.80 avg rating (37 apps) (D(L))

Jason Knight - 6.67 avg rating - 4 goals, 2 assists (31 apps) (M(C), AM(C))

Morgan Whittaker - 6.82 avg rating - 3 goals, 1 assist (25 apps) (AM(L/R), ST(C))

Max Bird - 6.61 avg rating (29 apps) (DM(C), M(C))

Isaac Hutchinson - 6.57 avg rating - 2 assists (13 apps)  (AM(L))


Jahmal Hector-Ingram - 6.75 avg rating - 3 goals, 1 assist (16 apps)  (ST(C))

Kamil Jozwiak - 6.73 avg rating - 4 goals, 1 assist (23 apps) (AM(L/R))

Krystian Bielik - 6.83 avg rating (24 apps) (D(C))


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Youth Intake Preview


Another Golden Generation!


November-December 2021 Results



A great month for us sees us keep our position in the playoffs, but earlier we were looking to be contending for 2nd and 1st. We have a 3 point lead keeping us in the playoffs.


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