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FM 21 - Score updates (Irritating me)

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Hope everyone's testing negative and keeping positive!


I've recently downloaded FM21 and I'm finding it very hard to figure out how to get rid of score updates during a game. I'm a classic 2D pitch kind of guy but when I see stuff like Maidenhead have just scored or the fact that I've slipped down into the relegation zone pop up every minute in the corner, its rather irritating. In the past, this has been a very easy thing to get rid of, but now I can't seem to find the option to stop score updates/position changes anywhere, can anyone help me please?

Also, whilst I'm here, does anyone else feel there are 1838292 times more offsides in a game now than there should be or used to be? 

Thanks for your replies in advance geezers and gals! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas

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Are you referring the the constant yapping in your ear by your assistant manager in the Dugout box. If so - I totally agree - there needs to be a way to switch the entire thing off or give us the FM20 ability to select which advice we want. In a 24 team league I really don't want bu Assistant telling me every time a goal is scored on match day, or telling me that Player X is really good at crossing and we should close him down, or that Player x has given us everything and should be replaced with 5 minutes left to play, or Player x as a bruise and should be replaced - Bruise???????

I really enjoy most of the changes but the Match screen between highlights has gone backwards in my opinion and I still prefer Voice tone over gestures

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Exactly that!! Not to mention when you see Crawley have scored in your bottom left hand corner, therefore covering your player just as he is about to take a corner, I could probably do without that. 

I take it you've struggled finding a way to turn this off too? There must be a way surely? 

I enjoy most of the changes too but I think the match screen options have taken a step backwards. Its also very difficult to tell when an opposition team has made a substitution now too as no alerts appear when doing so (god first world problems).

Also 100% agree with you on voice tone over gestures. Very little options seem to have an affect on players when being subbed in too. Surely there's only so many bottles I can throw about!!?? 

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