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A few different bugs with network saves with a friend

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1) I'm sure its been brought up, but if I hit continue when my game is done but before his is done, the game gets stuck in the "generating match report" screen. Resolved if we both wait until both games are done, but we shouldn't have to 

2) After every game at this point, I (being the host) can generate a match report and then save (assuming we hit continue at the same time) but he gets stuck in "generating match report" and has to restart game and get reinvited.

3) We generally play Xbox to Xbox but when I try to use my PC (FM21 Windows 10 edition obviously) and invite him, although I send him an invite to the same account he is using on his Xbox, it puts him into the "add new head coach" screen rather than having him use the head coach that that Xbox account is associated with.

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