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Board Upset At Progress Despite Promising No Judgment After Late-Season Hire

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I was hired by Toronto FC in the MLS with 9 matches remaining in the season. The team was 10th in the Eastern conference and 17th in the overall table. I was told by the board I would not be judged on my MLS or Supporters Shield (overall table) performance for the current season. Despite this, 3 league matches later (all draws), my club vision performance rating fell to a D (screenshot attached), with the main issue being my not competing for the Supporters Shield (screenshot attached). Prior to the next match, an Amway Canadian Championship match, I was asked in the press conference what my thoughts were given that one more loss might seal my fate as manager. I had not yet lost a match with Toronto FC. Following the Amway match, my Club Vision fell to an E and the board was then "very disappointed" with our failing to compete for the Supporters Shield, despite us actually having moved up a place in the Eastern Conference. Their judgment on the MLS performance remained at "Not Judging" as they indicated it would upon my hiring.

I ended up resigning because I found managing in the MLS in FM21 virtually unplayable, at least if you are hired midseason by a team with any expectations. Within 3 league matches my job security was "insecure", the board was considering my position, and nearly the entire team was upset due to a wealth of issues related to contract issues that couldn't be remedied so late in the season past the guaranteed contract date. Combine that with numerous quirks working with Toronto FC II, including difficulties differentiating first and second team staff (my player reports suddenly disappeared after the player reports advice responsibility was switched to the second team Asst. Man without my prompting), any possibility of gaining a handle on the situation seemed lost.

Appreciate y'all and your support, thanks.1091914964_ScreenShot2020-12-03at12_47_12AM.thumb.png.ad18a0bad2e877cb157da6b45edd5ad5.png259444225_ScreenShot2020-12-03at1_01_32AM.thumb.png.d45c14e3005da6e2fc88c767031c584b.png

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