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Two Albanian teams in Club World Cup


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I've noticed this bug while holidaying through a game for a couple of years. For the 2022 Club World Cup, the game adds two Albanian clubs (typically KF Tirana and KF Laci) and one Armenian club (typically Shirak) to the 24-team line-up. Obviously, none of those teams reached the Champions Cup Final in 2021 or 2022, and the tournament is seemingly being held in China, so they have no business being there.

I presume this is to fill the quota of European places at the competition. Wouldn't it make more sense to add Liverpool and Tottenham in as 2019 Champions Cup finalists and/or fill any remaining places based on reputation or the EURO Cup?

i've uploaded two saves to the OwnCloud. The first save (CFuller_CWCAfterDraw.fms) shows the issue above, with Tirana, Laci and Shirak all in the Club World Cup. The second save (CFuller_CWCBeforeDraw.fms) is from a few days before the draw takes place. Go on holiday for a month, and the bug should reproduce.

I've also noticed during a longer, separate holiday save that there were two Albanian teams at the 2025 Club World Cup as well. The Champions Cup finalists from 2022-2025 were Inter, Man City (twice), Real Madrid (twice), Barcelona, Dortmund and Liverpool, presumably leaving two European spots spare.

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