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Here is my plan; please help me to make it come to life.

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Hello, I want to create a tactic for my Borussia Gladbach squad. I want no individual showboating from any player (dribbling too much) depending on the player's role and duty and mentality and instructions. I want us to use the full width of the pitch to pull apart our opponents and create gaps between opponent players. In terms of using full width, I want the opponent to running all over the pitch chasing the ball, not knowing what to do. I want my players to use flick-ons one-twos between each other at a rapid pace as this will mitigate my dislike for dribbling without a purpose. The particular formation I have in mind is 4-4-2 diamond narrow as this has lots of players in the middle to use lots of flicks on and one-twos. Two forwards can have different purposes: one dropping or moving wide while others run in behind or holding the ball up and could have runners from midfield to give us unpredictability. Our chance creation methods could be either cross, long shots, or through ball. We want to press higher because we have a robust midfield with excellent teamwork, work rate, and stamina. I do not want to push too higher up the pitch but still want to put decent pressure on the opposition players as they won't know how to progress the ball or resort to holding it for too long, giving our player chances to tackle then counter with two quick forwards mostly.

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You seem to have some fairly well formed foundations in place, so why don't you lay them out in the Tactics Creator with those thoughts in mind and then you'll likely get more traffic in this thread. People like to dissect images rather than text as it's easier to see potential issues with clashes in roles / duties / instructions.

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