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Cant watch game own game replays or goals and game freezes with sound still playing

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Summary: In my save as an example i have played 2 games . I started the match day 6 / 1 / 20 and left and the game early and recorded a  1- 0 result vs Melbourne Victory . When i return to the game i cant see the replay as the game freezes at the point i left it . So i leave this game but the crowd sound still plays . So i played another game on the 9 / 11 / 20 and done the same procedure with the game recording a 1 - 0 result Vs Sydney FC . When returning to either of these games it just freezes from the point i left it . 

Description of Issue: 3D match day freezes and cant watch replays 

Steps to Reproduce: as above 

Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:  Perth Glory Test.fm



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  • SI Staff

Hey, thanks for this report. Can we get a bit more information on how exactly to reproduce this problem?

When did you leave the game exactly, and which button did you use to leave? What did you do after leaving the match before trying to view it back again?

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@Jack JoyceI had a problem that may be related to this yesterday. I was watching goal replays in past matches and sometimes the sound would play and I would see the commentary at the bottom of the screen, but the 3D replays would be frozen.

All I know is I had been trying to get recording of highlights to work and would have been forwarding or rewinding through highlights. I remember trying to watch a goal and it wouldn't work.

I had been changing skins back and forth (I use certain skins for capturing player profiles) so I wonder if it could be caused by that.

I'm trying to replicate what I saw.

I just noticed something.

- I go in to highlights for a match and watch a goal

- If I press the back arrow top left it seems to mess things up with the game

- I go in to another match and it opens showing the spot at which I cancelled the last highlight

- The match I have now opened will then close, and return to the schedule screen, without any input from me.


I recorded some footage with nvidia if it helps.


You can see me cancelling replays and then when I open another match it opens with the replay from the previous match showing at the point I cancelled it.

I am using Michaeltmurrayuk's Base21 Dark (FM20) Skin v1.1

Checking to see if I can make this happen with the base skin.

It does happen with the base skin. I open a match and watch a goal highlight. I cancel the highlight by clicking the back arrow top left. When I open another game it will open that game with the background showing the highlight from the last game at the point I cancelled it. If I wait the game will return me to the schedule screen with no input from me.


It seems to me that the game does not like a user cancelling highlights or doing an excessive amount of doing so.

I can't seem to get the highlights to freeze and just play sound/text commentary, but I definitely witnessed that yesterday.

I did switch skins 3 times, but always whilst on the schedules screen.


I hope this helps. I know it's a lot of thoughts but I wanted to show I was trying to break things.


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23 hours ago, Francis Mooney said:

Thanks for the excellent post and video @anagain. We've reproduced this in house and it's now under review.

Sorry ive been away . Yes i started the game then just left the game and went to fixtures to see the result . But on returning to the game it just starts where you left it even though the result has been decided . It freezes with the sound playing and you cant replay any goals

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