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AI not hiring managers for years, not making transfers/renewing contracts


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So i noticed that my custom NZ file had teams full of Grey players which was weird 

I then noticed that the temas with greys had no manager and hadnt for a while

Thinking this was just a custom file problem i checked my non playable English prem and to my shock a few teams had the same thing happens

Here is crystal palace for example

Grey playersimage.thumb.png.f1a44f8e46b42783b48117e9c900261d.png


Trasnsfer history.



also here is the manager history.


This will probably happen all over the place if i were to check. Ill throw in a few examples. I will test with my custom files off 

If it is a problem with my custom file however there is either a setting i have selected or SOMETHING wrong with the file to make AI teams not hire managers

Examples all of these teams are full of grey players and no transfers made





Real Zaragoza


I could go on. Clearly there is an issue here

i uplaoded my custom files


England Step 5.fmf NZ league.fmf O-League.fmf

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