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Playing the big teams

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Morning everyone,just need advice on playing the big teams in the premership.

In my journeyman save i have taken a job in the prem and to be honest my team is very good and have some great players and the last 2 seasons we have finished 4th and 3rd which is fantastic but to take my team to the next level i need results against the big teams ie Man City,Liverpool etc but its not just in fm21 ive struggle against the so called big teams.

I write this as i have just played Liverpool and managed to hold on for a draw but got battered they had 23 shots to my 1 so was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how they set there teams up against better opposition as i have tried everything to man but nothing works.

I know 9 times out of ten the better teams will win but i would like to try and overcome this problem all advice would be welcome.

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Can you share a screenshot of your tactic? This way we can have a better understanding of what you're trying to achieve and provide a more valuable feedback.

Generally speaking, If I have a weaker team I usually play cautious, sit a bit deeper, mark their ways of penetrating in order to steal the ball and hit them on the counter with more direct passing.

If my team is equal or stronger, I usually play balanced or attacking and identify which area is their weakest and focus my attacks there.

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A mezzala and wide forward on the same side work much better when played on different duties.

A mezzala (on any duty) and a fullback with an attack duty is an extremely vulnerable defensive combo, especially against stronger teams.

These are a couple of the most notable issues in your tactic IMHO.

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Many thanks for your reply would you recommend fb on support I did think it would cause problems defensively but apart from playing the big sides it doesn’t seem to bad but I will definitely look at that 

Could you also share your thoughts on my tactic as you said you could see some problems many thanks 

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