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Scouts suggesting players that won't qualify for work permit post Brexit

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Are the scouts aware about Brexit and it's implications? most of the players they keep suggesting me have as CONS "Would probably fail to gain a work permit" as they are EU players that are not in the national teams from France, Belgium, etc. It's a waste of time to check each one of their suggestions to find this.

Is it working as intended or is it going to be fixed?

If it's going to keep working this way, at least add the option to tell the scouting team that  I'm not interested on players that won't get a work permit, so let's not waste our mutual time on these.

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  • SI Staff

Hi @Icy

There was an update on Wednesday that should have reduced the number of players scouts return that wouldn't qualify for a WP.

If you are still seeing too many players being returned who would require a WP then could you please upload the save game to our cloud service from the beginning of an assignment which returns too many of these type of players. 


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